Wet cutting tile saw

It’s hard to imagine the home owner who doesn’t have any tools in his disposal. There are always ideas in our heads to change something or repair and to realize our desires we have to use some instruments to work more effectively. Saw are very important tools when you plan some home refreshing and refinement. There some kinds of saw you can see in the store but one of the most useful saw is for cutting tile that can help you to create different designs, unusual styles, designs and extraordinary shapes. Today you don’t have to be an expert to perform some kinds of cuts. You can read instructions and watch some free video and try it yourself with a great care.

Wet cutting tile saw are rather expensive but they are very comfortable to work with because of a water-filled trough. While you are cutting the tile, water from the trough is pouring over the tile, precluding the tile and the tool to be overheated. This kind of saw is very good and if you don’t have enough money to buy you can rent it paying about 50 dollars a day.

It’s strongly recommended to wear safety glasses while working with wet tile saw. Any flying chip can get into you eyes causing pain and lots of troubles and treatment. So the protection of your eyes is your rule number one you should observe using the any kind of saw.

Don’t forget to pour some water into the trough. Watch the water level and remember that it must be above the pump.

Watch out your hands especially when you trying to make curves on tile, for example for pipes wholes. There is nothing difficult in this process but it’s very dangerous because you need to hold your hands too close to the blade. We don’t recommend you to do it when you take your wet cutting tile saw for the first time in your life. When you are a beginner in cutting with wet saw just try something more safe for your hands otherwise you won’t be able to cut (and do lots of other things with help of your hands) in your future life.

With help of wet cutting tile saw you can also make cuts of different angle. For this purpose use attachments to the wet saw’s table and you’ll be able to make bevels and other angled cuts. When your aim is to cut a bevel, put the tile on a bevel guide while it’s going through the saw blade. Adjust the angle guide to the table for desired angle to cut tile at an angle. Adjust the tile with the angle guide before cutting it with the blade.