Type of Tile Cutting Tools

Tile cutting like any other work project, requires the proper kind of tile cutting tools in order to avoid problems that may come up with one using an inadequate tool. Tiles are relatively expensive and if they end up damaged during the cutting process, it will mean higher costs for the building project as a whole.

A lot of time wasting and frustrations may also be experienced when trying to using improper tile cutting tools. It is for this purpose that it is advisable to use one of the following tools as they always give a smooth and clean cut on the tile.

The first kind of tool that can be used when cutting tiles is a wet tile saw. While wet saws are quite expensive to own, they are the best tools in the market as they give both straight and curved cuts. Another advantage of a wet tile saw is that it is designed in such a way that it sprays water that prevents bits from flying when cutting the tile. The water mechanism of the tile saw also prevents the saw blade from overheating and damaging the tile during the cutting process.

Another kind of tile cutting tool that can be used is a glass cutter. This type of tool is suitable even for a homeowner who is doing his own tile cutting. A glass cutter has the advantage of giving a precise cut and it is also relatively easy to use and also relatively cheap to obtain compared to other tools such as the wet tile saw.

The other type of tool that is popular in this line of work is the snap cutter. The advantage of this tool is that it is cheap, easy to use and it gives a very speedy result as compared to other types of tile cutting tools in its category. This tool however has a few disadvantages. It can only be used when the type of cut desired is a straight one. Also, a snap cutter really is not designed for use when carrying out large projects.

The most unique type of tile cutting tool is a hole cutter. This type usually comes in the form of a kit which can cut various shapes onto a tile. A cutter kit is what one would need if they wanted to create a hole on a tile in order to fit a pipe through it, or for a particularly unique fitting.