Husqvarna Tilematic TS 250

The Husqvarna Tilematic TS 250 X3 is known for its durability. The Tilematic has been used in the rental and construction business for a long time. It delivers more power with its high torque 1-1/2 hp (T.E.F.C.) Baldor motor, which is specifically designed for this saw. The motor turns its blades at 2760 RPM’s using a premium, 6-groove poly V-belt. The V-belts run smoother with less vibration, reducing belt slippage and transmitting more power to the saw blade shaft. It has a large 18″ x 16-1/2″ conveyor style cart that handles the larger tiles with ease. With smooth rolling wheels precision cutting can be maintained. The Husqvarna Tilematic rip cuts up to 24″ or diagonally cuts up to 18″ tiles. It can also cut up to 3 3/4″ in depth. The plunge feature uses springs to aid in the cutting process in order to make precision cuts. The cutting head is adjustable with three holes in the support arm allowing you to use profiling blades of 6″,8″,or 10″ wet diamond blades. Changing a blade is easy with the shaft lock mechanism.

You can choose between a galvanized water pan or stainless steel which will provide longevity. It also has a patent-pending sliding water pan to help with larger cuts and to allow the user to get closer when they are making small cuts.

Husqvarna has another patent-pending feature. The adjustable stand that can be raised or lowered from 29″ to 33″ in height using a spring assistance mechanism. There is also the option of a stand with wheels for easier transport of this wet tile cutter since it is 39 1/4×25 inches and weighs 105 pounds with the stand.

There is a 2 years, from date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser, warranty. Engine and component manufacturers offer separate warranty periods.

Features Overview:

– Shipping Weight 116 pounds
– Power Used 15 amps
– Operating Input Voltage 110 volt / 120 volt @ 60hz (North America)
– RPM (Rotations Per Minute) 2,760
– Blade Size 10-inch
– Arbor Size 5/8-inch
– Horsepower 1.5 HP
– Sliding Yes
– Integrated Miter No
– Plunge Feature Yes
– Max Depth of Cut 3-3/4-inch
– Max Rip Capacity 24-inch
– Diagonal Cut Capacity 18-inch
– Accommodates an 6,8,10 inch blades
– Bevel Capacity: none
– Large 18″ x 16-1/2″ conveyor style cart
– Splash guard
– Patent-pending sliding water pan
– Stand or optional folding stand with wheels
– Standard Galvanized water pan, optional stainless steel pan.

What is in the box? (standard options)
– Folding stand for added portability
– Galvanized pan

Follow this link to see the Husqvarna TS 250 X3 Tilematic Tile Saw at They are a retailer of Husqvarna products. See their website for details.